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the mission square with about 20 california redwood trees and a very beautiful grove and this is all designed with the peter walker and partners and in among the trees is a fanicular accessible to the park itself. i would say that one of the key under lays of the work that we are doing here has to do with security. we are going to have over the process of the coming design, several ongoing discussions with the tj pa, it is very important that security be managed jointly between the tower and the center. we are beginning to have the concepts for the security in the square and the lower parts of the center, so to say that is an important part of our agenda. this is looking at your standing across the street at first and mission looking back to 101 first street. although it might be hard to see on this slide, the lower five floors of the building actually have a slightly heavier metal detail, slightly deeper metal sun shades, i will go into that in some detail in a few minutes. this is an interesting notion that has come out of our work with city planning that actually creates a kind of base for
on the peninsula. chp has blocked off four lanes just north of edgewood road near redwood city. they are investigating that deadly crash there. three people have died, two others are hurt. the chp says a pulled-over car was hit by another passing car on the highway. only one lane is open. traffic is backed up for miles. we're told into san jose. officers do not expect to clear that scene for another two hours. >>> in fremont, fire investigators returned to the c & h manufacturing planned today but they have yet to determine how the smoky three-alarm fire got started. the fire yesterday destroyed the building causing millions of dollars in damage. employees met outside the company today to talk about their next steps. the company trying to find temporary space to resume production. >>> other bay area headlines, a shooting in broad daylight in a very public place in san rafael. police say that about 1:00 this afternoon a 22-year-old man was shot while waiting on a bus platform at the city's transit center near third and 101. the gunman took off in a car. the victim is in the hosp
too, the reporting stations are at 36 and 37, 39 redwood city and los gatos. low to mid 40s the rest of the bay and coast. this afternoon dry mostly sunny, temperatures in the mid 50s. >>> developing news from southern california. classes will resume at cal-state fullerton this morning after a manhunt put the campus in lock down mode for several hours. officers did not find the suspected robber. the man ran into the business school after a high speed freeway chase 4:00 yesterday around. he was one of five who robbed a pawnshop and jewelry store. police captured three, students barricaded themselves in classrooms until getting the all-clear around midnight. >>> scary moments for a bicyclist who ended up trapped beneath a street sweeper in san francisco 12:30 this morning south of market. firefighters called for special units to pull the cyclist out he is expected to survive. >>> san francisco police have launched a full into one of their own. sergeant could face discipline after stunning video of reckless driving went viral. terry mcsweeney is at the scene. >> reporter: this is where
and daughter had to be rescued from the water near red but -- redwood city. >> they were happy to be out of the water and dry. first responders say the heavy wind and rain made the weather and the waters completely unpredictable. look at some of the video shot earlier today. john paige and his daughter, allison, were rescued by the redwood city fire department after kayaking took a dangerous term. just after 1:00 p.m. redwood city fire received a call telling them two kayakers were strand. water rescue responded and conducted a search, and teams found the two in only minutes using try angulation. >> we just blot stuck and it would have been a long time before the tide and storms went away and we were freezing. i had my iphone and charged and in a waterproof pack. >> he says the waters they were enjoying only minutes before quickly turned. first responders say heavy wind and rain can make the water completely unpredictable. when the tide rolled out the duo was stuck in the mud and trapped. but they had a fully charged phone. john and his daughter were wearing the proper safety gear and le
that will head into the sunol grade behind it san leandro, hayward across the san mateo bridge towards redwood city heading towards san jose, sunnyvale and mountain view, american canyon, vallejo across 80, benicia, hercules, el cerrito heading towards pleasant hill, walnut creek, across marin headlands will hit san francisco in 10 minutes already getting a shower from there daly city, south san francisco to pacifica. scattered showers today, low to mid 50s. >>> good morning. past golden gate fields and university avenue, berkeley into emeryville, getting a little busy 80 westbound still moving nicely into the macarthur maze. no delays at the bay bridge toll, wet on the golden gate bridge this morning and light traffic conditions. down three lanes in the southbound direction, two north light week this week traffic wise between christmas sonoma flooding 121, 12 closed at 8th in shellville area due to road being closed and flooded. terry mcsweeney will have an update in a bit. south 101 washington petaluma clearing stages of that accident could be cleared by now. north 680 at mckey, accident in
deep of water right here. firefighters pumped water out of this flooded redwood city complex late saturday night. >> it was up to a foot deep. >> reporter: they got the water out before it could cause any damage. the heavy rain -- moving from one trouble spot to another. >> it's been very busy today. particularly with the rain. a lot of freeway accidents currently. >> reporter: the santa cruz mountains a crew sent to help restore power needed help themselves after a large oak tree fell on top of their truck. >> bad luck. >> reporter: it happened friday night on stevens canyon road. no one was hurt. since the workers were working away from the truck. >> a spot of bad luck there. you think a tree is going to come through your house. were james decided to trim the reece around his house. a close call. that's part of living in the mountains. >> it's not that bad. everyone has a standby generator. >> reporter: here's another live look at this flooded parking lot. there's simply nowhere for the water to go. back up in the santa cruz mountains, this rainstorm has made parts of the mounta
of the lawn bowling club in mess stanton were lucky no one was in the building as a giant redwood tree crashed through the roof. the tree fell from a neighbor's property and blocked part of the street. but the road is now clear. >> thousands of bay area residents were without power as the rain and wind pounded the region. right now 5500 customers are still without power. stay with abc-7 news for continuing storm watch cover. leigh glaser will have the forecast in a few minutes minut. >>> still to come, a frantic rescue to find two kayakers caught in rising storm waters. >>> the storm is bringing lots of snow the sierra. how much and what you can expect for christmas skiing. >> we're tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. leigh will have the forecast in >> a father and daughter strand while kayaking are safe after a dramatic rescue in redwood city. fire protection crews from redwood city and menlo park got a call that two kayakers war were stabbed in the wetlands, and using try angulation they were found in minutes. they were stuck in mud when the tide turned quickly. >>> the weather is also a
, john paige and his daughter were rescued by the redwood city fire department after an afternoon of kayaking took a dangerous turn. just after 1:00 p.m. redwood fire received a call saying two kayaks were stranded in the water. they conducted a search. with the use of lights they found the two in only minutes. >> i had my iphone and it was charged and waterproof pack. >> he says the water turned against them. first responders say heavy wind and rain can make the waters completely unpredictable. when the tide lode it on they found themselves ra trapped. they had a fully charged phone, john and his daughter were wearing the proper safety gear. >> as we were getting closer, he could see the lights and i could see you now. >> with that the crew on the air boat were able to pull the two to safety. they were given dry clothes and athlete for mild hypothermia. leaving john with a new item for christmas wish list. >> one cup of soup. >> with conditions as they are, what made you go out in the water in the first place. he says they have kayaked before the wind and water made it unpredict
redwood, seen them all, right? i say, wow. that is a redwood. i will see a baby. god planted a sapling here. wow. to some degree, it is a choice. it is how alive are you willing to be? if i am willing to be alive, it may be hurts my skin a little bit, knocks me around a little bit, i am alive, and i am experiencing life as it goes past me and something catches my eye, then i will be going, wow, this is great. i love this. tavis: you always make me think. how alive are you willing to be? >> over and over again. you get to start over. i am willing to be insanely and wildly alive. i am starting over again. tavis: back to my mother again. my mother, i did not get this when i was younger, but i'm getting it now as i am older. my mother raised 10 kids. my mother and father raised and kids. never had any money in her life. no college education. one of the wisest people i have ever known. what she loves more than anything else, other than serving god, is traveling the world. when she is on the road traveling, she calls me and the things that make her go wow are things i'm finally starting to a
we still have yellows around windsor pleasant>j hill road down to old redwood ride to the -- road south;o of santa rosa stone any point redwood drive petaluma hill that whole area getting heavy rain some of the heaviest where valley ford and walker road connect where we had the reds a few seconds ago. to the south heading towards novato watch out on novato boulevard as you come into novato from the west this is slowly sinking south right now anywhere south of9(f the north bay not raining but it is going to be in the heart of the bay in about an hour and probably south bay by 8:00 9:00. >>> good morning. flooding where mike was talking about in theÑco! windsor area north 101 windsor river road high winds on all bridges extra caution late traffic coming into san francisco still two lanes in the southbound direction they will reconfigure that as the commute getsomw)r underway light trafficxpiq! 87 in san jose past hp pavilion i wanted you to see some of the drive times up and over the altamont pass, highway 4 westbound east shore freeway from the car seen -- carquinez bridge into th
this one here. firefighters pumped water out of this flooded redwood city apartment complex. >> it was up to a foot deep before we got here. we were able to pump it out. >> reporter: they got the water out before it could cause any damage to the interior of the building. the heavy rain kept this crew moving from one trouble spot to another. >> it's been very busy today. a lot of freeway accidents. >> reporter: a pg&e crew was sent to help restore power, but they needed help themselves after a large oak tree fell on top of their truck. it happened friday night on stevens canyon road. no one was hurt, since the workers were working away from the truck. >> it was bad luck, really, but the drivers said it's the second time it happened to them, so you kind of do feel it's a big dangerous. when it does storm up here, you think a tree is gonna come through your house any second, so it can get scary. >> reporter: james decided to trim the trees around his house after this one fell on his driveway today. but he says that's part of living in the mountains. >> it's really not that bad. everybody has
on a multi-floor casino. >>> redwood city city council will consider getting tax breaks to the historic fox theater in exchange for upgrades. part ever the deal theater owners would submit a list of improvements they would make over a ten year period that would include new carpet and new theater seats. >>> we are continuing to keep our eye on the storm this morning. some bay area friends who look like they are saying bring it on were otters couldn't stop playing in the rain. i think this is our destiny. i hope we are make her proud. >> incredible journey ends on the golden gate bridge today. 8 million people who are cheering this woman on and the story of friendship that lives on. >>> you may not have heard it's going to be raining. the latest on all of that and we have another and the last in a one, two, three punch moving into the bay area tonight. we will tell you what to expect, how much and all of that weather stuff which we will get a little bit of a break even though it's still overcast. we will cover it all when we come back from a break. it's for the 25-th annual wd aids day. austr
that storm to deal with. today 65 degrees in san jose. 46 degrees in redwood city. east bay -- 64 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures in the 60s, as well. you will see 60s inside the bay. the next couple of days we'll watch the storm clouds return, again not as strong, don't expect to see any flooding but again more rain on the way. then we'll dry out as we head toward next weekend. >> we deserve sunshine. >> absolutely! >> a little bit. >> enjoy it today because it's gone tomorrow. sorry. >> thank you. >>> coming up next, today's healthwatch. a surprising link between food allergies and tab water. >> and lawrence, listen up. it may be our only text free time of the day or is it? the shocking number of to us take twitter to the toilet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ovarian cancer. a mayo clinc study found diabetic patiens with >>> common diabetes drug may increase survival rates among women with ovarian cancer. a mayo clinic study found diabetics patients with ovarian cancer took the drug for the diabetes for nearly four times more likely to survive compared it cancer patients who did no
ground gave way and uproot add big redwood in the area. >> that's crazy. that was our storm. it kept going north didn't it. >> yes they got about a foot of rainfall. that's the result. that's kind of scary. move that truck quickly. we're going to move this weather thankfully out of here soon. by this time tomorrow we'll have the rainfall out of here for you for a long period of time. here's the peak outside right now. live radar. live high definition doppler is picking up showers. here we go with the radar showing you showers out there. let's show you what's happening. we have rain right now for the great ersan francisco area moving across the golden gate and across the bay into concord, lafayette, oakland, and richmond, emeryville, mill valley all getting rain right now. drops on the rooftop looking back toward the financial district. santa rosa currently 54. with the cloud cover we'll have lows in the 50s. livermore 50. redwood city 51. mountain view 52. here's why we're looking at rain and not another storm. the atmosphere there's not enough watt her in the atmosphere compared to
. san mateo and palo alto and right by redwood city. and we see yellow and orange. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a little bit of hail right now. it is east palo alto and palo alto, menlo park and redwood city. we are not done yet. it is a band off the area. it is forming right there. swing in an hour or two. confining itself to the san mateo, santa cruz. and morgan hill, you can see it popping up. if you don't have that. and have the sun, bunle up. it is not very warm. slow to mid. and this pattern is stuck here for awhile. coldest is tonight and tomorrow. it is coming off the ocean and could get splash and dash showers and some of these are severe. you know what, we changed. it was wet, warm, little break and now showers, partly cloudy, partly sunny and some clouds, showers. and the some hail. the main word is colder. some of the projections show stronger systems. more rain and heavier snow and colder temps. this is the first of what many could be coming in. and weakest one so far. temperatures are in the 50s and along the coast and around the bay. that's because weat
spot. 36 in redwood city to about 43 in oakland, 44 in san francisco and around 40 in san jose. as we head throughout the day we're going to have a slight chance of slight rain near the coast. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. we'll get a better chance of rain tomorrow. scattered rain around sunday but notice the temperatures will start to climb as we head through the weekend. >>> dry roads this morning. that is good news for your friday morning commute. first look at the bay bridge toll plaza, few headlights passing through. no issues on the upper deck making your way into san francisco. san mateo bridge this morning, taillights headed over to westbound in san mateo, foster city area, just a few taillights and brake lights at the high-rise, about 13-14 minutes between the peninsula and the east bay. north 101, load work, i saw this coming in. mill valley to larkspur, repaving project underway until 6:00 a.m. three right lanes until 9:00 a.m. one lane is getting by in the eastbound direction. they are striping the roads, 880 both dreblgsz fruit val and embarcadero, expect various la
mateo, belmont, san carlos, redwood city, be prepared. woodside heavier rain headed your way traveling across 92, here's our next stretch, windsor forestville, those are areas that had flooding yesterday or this morning and now we are starting to see smaller showers develop in your neighborhood this is the waves of showers we talked about that are going to continue coming up from this moist flow out southwest to mid and upper parts of the atmosphere. zeroes from concord, oakland, redwood city south you are going to get your rain just a matter of time santa rosa inch and a half nearly six inches in -- that feeds into the russian river everything is okay as far as flooding there. showers today, heavy at times, we'll get heavier rain tonight the only day i'm not forecasting rain is monday. cold front heavier showers to the south one batch falls apart behind it as it moves across,eyfñ more green and yells through the evening hours, on and off rain heavy at times, here we are at 2:00 in the morning, moderate rain moving through the north bay could get heavy at times, 4:00 as it moves throu
of the north bay, upper 30s redwood city, san jose, 41 oakland, 45 san francisco, monterey bay upper 30s. gilroy 34. salinas and monterey low to mid 40s. cool start today, increasing clouds, light rain develops this afternoon. showers to start tomorrow morning, by the afternoon, it will be dry and that drying trend will last sunday through tuesday. no big warming trend, just temperatures close to where they should be in the 50s. high pressure west, high pressure east, trying to divide and conquer, spinning a lot of energy trying to breakthrough, and shove this off to the east. because this is stronger now, i think the front is going to stay out over the ocean for the better part of the morning hours. by noon, sprinkles, especially in the north bay, as we head towards 5:00, light rain starting to move in. moderate to possibly heavy rain out over the ocean near the coast by 10:00, then you can see low rotating to our south overnight with scattered showers snow level 3,000, possibly 2500 feet, snow on hamilton tomorrow, scattered showers through noon, gone by saturday afternoon near the coa
. checkpoints will be in operation in redwood city, san francisco, san jose, and other cities. you can leave the car home. muni, caltrain, will offer free service. b.a.r.t. won't be free but will be operating trains until 3:00 a.m. on new year's day. >> with less than three days to go for the so called live in live in, president obama is confident a deal will be reached. the president said in this weekly address, agreement won't be easy but politics can't get in the way. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our me. the economy is growing, but keeping it that way means that the folks you sent to washington have to do their jobs. >> ama: top senate republican mitch mcconnell arrived on capitol hill. >> we work hard to see if we can get there in the next 24. i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> ama: senate leaders hope to have a bill to vote on by sunday. the house returns to washington sunday evening and could vote on the senate version. >> ahead, demands for justice in india. a woman dies of a brutal attack there. how the nation is standing up in support of her. >>> also, a
, a little light to possibly moderate rain. san mateo, belmont, san carlos, redwood city, be prepared. woodside heavier rain headed your way traveling across 92, here's our next stretch, windsor forestville, those are areas that had flooding yesterday or this morning and now we are starting to see smaller showers develop in your neighborhood this is the waves of showers we talked about that are going to continue coming up from this moist flow out southwest to mid and upper parts of the atmosphere. zeroes from concord, oakland, redwood city south you are going to get your rain just a matter of time santa rosa inch and a half nearly six inches in -- that feeds into the russian river everything is okay as far as flooding there. showers today, heavy at times, we'll get heavier rain tonight the only day i'm not forecasting rain is monday. cold front heavier showers to the south one batch falls apart behind it as it moves across,eyfñ more green and yells through the evening hours, on and off rain heavy at times, here we are at 2:00 in the morning, moderate rain moving through the north bay
a deadly car crash that killed three people near redwood city this evening. it happened on northbound 280. chp says a lexus pulled over because of mechanical problems and it was struck by another passing car that was reportedly speeding. that crash brought the evening commute to a standstill. look at the backup this evening. it was reopened at about 7:00 but not after traffic was backed up at least 10 miles from the crash site. >>> first they defended, then they relented. the uc system decided to drop the new logo. the logo received swift and brutal criticism. uc officials have decided to suspend its use indefinitely. the old seal, the one students and alumni properly resonates with the university's prestige and values will prevail. >>> a treasure worth its weight in gold is going to a san rafael woman. >> the woman is the only living relative of the original owner of the gold. a carson city man who died earlier this year had it. the gold was worth over $7 million, had it stashed in his house. it was found when his house was being cleared for sale. >> i've never seen that much gold in my
-thirds for redwood city and up to 2" of rain for the north bay and north bay mountains. rain picks up tonight. if you have to go out shopping and don't want the rain, the best bet is a brief break tomorrow afternoon. rain sunday, and one dry day on christmas eve. highs tomorrow, san jose 57. redwood city 56. hayward, union city 56. last-minute shopping in walnut creek or pleasanton, mid-50s for you. rain likely especially early tomorrow sausalito, alameda, san francisco, mid-50s for your saturday. we are still wet on sunday. we get that break for santa claus and for the reindeer. they are going to have good navigation right into the bay area because monday will be dry. but as soon as christmas day afternoon, the rain comes back and rain is likely on wednesday and thursday and friday. this is our final check presentation for "food for bay area families." paul head of california middle market banking of jpmorgan chase is here. you have a great check but before that, tell us about your company's commitment to make sure people have simple things like food to put on the table this time of year. >> sure, p
before getting behind the wheel. we have the story from chp headquarters down in redwood city with more on this story. >> reporter: senator jerry hill did introduce a new bill today. if it does pass it, would join along -- california would join along with 24 hour states that have a program like this in place already and senator hill says while dui arrests have gone down, california has still not done enough. >> still people are dying. still people are being injured and i think that we can't look the other way and we can't give up our efforts. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill was joined by chp and peninsula law enforcement to introduce senate bill 55 that would require second dui offenders to install an ignition interlocking device for a year. >> this bill will make it clear that if repeat offenders do not complete the ignition interlock program, then they will never get their license back. >> reporter: earlier this month the national transportation safety board recommended anyone convicted of drunk driving not just repeat offenders install the device. peninsula law enforcement s
rain. redwood city. and the santa cruz mountains and the decent rain. palo alto, down into sunnyvale and we have parts of livermore, oakland, reporting moderate rain at the time. it is going to shift along highway 13. this is just the beginning. the rain will continue for several hours. we have a wind advisory to talk about. i will share that with you. more on the rain in just a bit >>> highway patrol trying to figure out if the weather had anything to do with a big accident in oakland involving nine vehicles. it shut down some lanes of 880 for about an hour. allie rasmus is joining us live from oakland with an update on the situation. allie? >> reporter: all lanes are back up. for an hour and a half, this highway right behind us, this was a complete mess. this was the scene when we arrived this morning around 5:00. for awhile. traffic, all northbound lanes of 880 were at a complete stand still. >> northbound, before the ramp, this is where the 9-car pile up happened. according to the sergeant, two cars were initially involved in a crash. they were blocking the right hand lane. then
olague. >> thank you. >> and the man that defeated carter thought redwood trees caused pollutions and number three i don't think the staff is naive and to suggest that is inappropriate. they have been working very hard in this effort -- >> i -- >> i'm not talking about you. i am talking general in response. i believe the process is organic and i believe they do take into consideration every input as possible and this process and i know the chair and the other members of the commission know is not over yet. it is still evolving and that is an important element to put out there. this process is still evolving and organ and i can need continued input to whatever surveys and approaches we take are reflective of those issues and the other issue raised is san franciscans should be doing outreach in this support and i can't support that more than enough because it's always my experience that sometimes we bring in outside forces -- not that we have here, but outside forces that don't know the community, communities of color and speak other languages and in addition to english and thos
. but the rivers and the forest. who will speak for the redwoods and the brisle cones? for the sailors lost at sea, for the eyes that search for them, for the soldier and the soldier's widow. for the one in jail, and for the one that waits for the one in jail. and for the one who never had a chance to speak and found guilty. for the lovers torn apart and for the ones kept apart by, laws and prejudices. for the spare rows and the humming birds and for the weeds and the hararas and for the women of gaza. for the one tortured in the darkness. for the refugees wrapped in barbed wire. for each and every human being who sleeps tonight out in the rain. for shelter, for every human being who sleeps tonight out in the rain. for the child with nostalgia to be born, for every child to get home safe. for the elderly alone, for the worldwide end of hate, disease, and poverty. for a just world still to come, where no one goes hungry and the water is clean. and prisons are outlawed and schools are free. and exciting. and poetry, mandatory. for police and politicians. for the indians of the amazon and for the jaq
conditions inland and look at redwood city, 36 this morning and san jose, about 39. temperatures will be stuck in the 40s for most of us today. we may get into the low 50s around the bay. >>> dry roads and light traffic, that is how we like friday morning. coming up with a shot of 80 to berkeley and macarthur maze. a little bit of bunching where they merge by golden gate fields but looking pretty good. greenville, road work, westbound is looking pretty good this morning. eastbound dumbarton road work until 6:00. north 101 on the other side of the bay, to 6:00 between 92 and third avenue. >> eric: in the news, new this morning, two big quakes rattled the southern california coast overnight. both struck at 2:36 this morning. they were seconds apart. 6 pontd 4 and 6.1 but they have downgraded them to 6.3 and 4.7. they were centered at least 88 miles southwest of catalina island. there is was no tsunami warning issued and people were shaken out of bed but so far no reports of damage or injury. >> students returning to two cupertino schools after a bomb scare skair will notice extra s
was injured. it is lucky no one was in the roth more lawn bowling club when a big redwood tree crashed through the roof. a large branch pierced the ceiling where members typically play cards on the weekend. part of valley avenue was closed as crews cut branches and cleared debris. traffic is flowing on stoney point road after the crews filled quickly to fill a growing sinkhole. runoff water over ran a drainage system. the water was carving out a large hole under the pavement. the crews in stalled the metal plates to support the weight of the cars while the culvert is repaired. >>> dozens of residents were without power as rain and wind pounds the region. the majority of customers without power are in the north bay. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. leigh will have the full forecast in a few minutes. and you can check live doppler 7hd anytime on abc7news.com. >>> trouble for holiday travelers tonight. a day full of delays and cancellations at sfo. what u need to know if you are heading out of town tomorrow. and a father and daughter take their kayak out in the storm. why
cloverdale -- napa 30, colder concord 29, 26 fairfield, frost redwood city and 32°. increasing clouds temperatures mid to upper 50s tonight won't be as coal tomorrow morning. but we'll have rain this -- we'll have rain this time tomorrow. >>> incline section upper deck reports of hit-and-run accident near s of curve, traffic flowing nicely. couple issues bart still experiencing 10 to 15 minute delay fremont line both directs from south hayward due tomorrower debris cleared. san francisco, muni, m line blocked due to fire at broad and plymouth, rerouted via k and t lines, shuttle busing in place to west portal. >>> right now on capitol hill in washington, d.c., a senate foreign relationsvvm committee hearing on the except 11th, attack in --qsñm on september 1h attack in benghazijoáae getting underway now. testifying today are deputies to secretary of state hillary clinton, clinton herself is not testifying at today's hearing because she is recovering from a concussion. new this morning, we are just learning clinton is rescheduled to testify about the attacks next month. the date has
, daly city, south san francisco, san bruno, a light shower coming your way piedmont getting it redwood road, foothill boulevard out of alameda, robert davie, jr. drive getting wet now. rohnert park around pepper road we are seeing moderate rain at least the radar is thinking there's moderate rain there. that's what we are going to get, waves of light to moderate, quick-moving showers. rainfall won't be a lot but enough to keep the roads slick once again and aggravate you as you are trying to get around this afternoon or this morning, low to upper 40s through 7:00. low to mid 50s from noon through the around. showers start to taper after the sunsets, still wet weather possible 7:00, low to mid 40s for you. put the wet weather gear away tomorrow. light rain develops friday, better chance of wet weather towards saturday, temperatures in the 50s then. time for another check of traffic. >>> rain falling on the golden gate bridge now, shiney streets, pooling and water as well that may be the big issue for your drive this morning, standing water, hydroplaning, as mike mentioned give yourself
rain headed in our direction and towards half moon bay, redwood city, mountain view. hopefully if you don't have to go outside today you want because these are can dangerous conditions in it which to be driving, even walking. >>> we can definitely hear the wind coming through your mike there and that alone tells us how gusty it is. rain and wind combination wreaking havoc for travelers. stormy weather almost always causes delays at san francisco international airport because of its runway design. nick smith is live at sfo. earlier this morning the delays were about an hour and a half for arriving flights. anything changed. >> reporter: that has not changed. you are is spot on and the problem is the wind. we have felt the wind gusts as we he drove down 101 headed here to sfo and this is a wind advisory in effect. people are slowly arriving to sfo and they can expect flight delays. an air traffic management program in effect for flights arriving to sfo and this is causing some of the arriving flights to be deplayed an average of one hour and 37 minutes. there will be delays throughout t
in santa rosa, 32 in fairfield, napa, redwood city and san jose, 33°, scattered frost developing there. 34 los gatos, 37 san rafael, 38 fremont, in the 30s now only oakland, san francisco, half moon bay low to mid 40s. low to mid 30s most of the monterey bay and inland, 38 in none ray now. mostly sunny, season -- no need for all last, frost next two nights extended period of dry weather starts yesterday and continues today. low to mid 50s for a high today. low to mid 50s monterey bay, 53 to 54° inland with high clouds and sun. heading out this evening maybe to see fireworks midnight chilly inland, 32 there, 42 the warm spot, the exception san francisco most temperatures in the 30s throughout the evening make sure you have that heavy coat, dropping back in the 20s and 30s inland tonight, 30s and 40s bay shore three areas of high pressure trifecta, they are going to decimate any type of storm that tries to run through them this blocking pattern means dry weather just deflected north of us so the north bay may get a stray shower thursday that is really reaching friday through sunday warming
on the peninsula. three people were killed. the deadly crash on interstate 280 near redwood city has led to major delays for drivers heading north. at one point, the traffic was backed up to san jose. now, since then, it has eased up a bit but there is still heavy traffic as you can see we have live pictures for you from chopper 5. they are still working that accident scene. no word on when officers are going to clear the interstate. >>> and across the bay area today another round of very high tides. after the break, a closer look at one part of the bay area that might find itself increasingly vulnerable to these events in the years ahead. >>> if you were in the east bay today and thinking it hasn't been this cold outside in about two years, you're right. concord 51 for a high today. the coldest since march. how long do we stay chilly? i'll have your forecast coming up. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, couple days ago, wreaking h on marin roadways and san francisco beaches. today, the rising waters took over parts of the penn >>> well, the king tides swelled again today. it started a couple of days ago. today ris
heading towards redwood city, wood side towards sunnyvale, mountain view, south bay light rain now all this is coming your way you can see it, all the cities would show up in the entire bay area f you are north of the dumbarton, especially 237 -- moderate rain over the next hour. >>> right now live look outside heavy rain moving through this is berkeley, sacramento and ward streets intersection you can see how wet it is and cars splashing as they drive through some of the ponding can be severe especially as the rain continues. be prepared before you leave this morning. >>> we'll give you a sunnier also greatest american soccer player ever mia hamm joins us. >> we are glad robin was doing well enough to go on a walk with you and sam. >> that's all you need to know. she is back and ready to go, she is looking great. >> we can't wait to see her, thanks josh. >>> the duchess of came bridge is spending a third day in -- cambridge is spending a third day in the hospital. you see prince william leaving the hospital last night after visiting his wife. palace spokesman says she is feeling bette
, santa rosa, fairfield, concord livermore, 39 san jose, 38 los gatos. redwood city 37 everybody else in the low to mid 40s captainly cooler. the winds are calm to about six miles per hour there is no wind chill this morning. upper 30s to mid 40s through 7:00, near 50 at noon low to mid 50s mostly sunny 4:00 grab a coat this evening mid 40s light rain tomorrow another system will bring lighter rain saturday finally sunday we get a break with mid to upper 50s. >>> watch out new warning about home deliveries. there's a package thief on the loose in fremont. camera caught him in the act. driver of that white car casually walks up to the front door of a home, grabs a package off the doorstep, uses his jacket to conceal it and drives off. this happened last saturday at a house on logan drive anyone with information is asked to call fremont police. >>> consumer reports has partnered with 7 on your side for a report on tablet keyboards. >> reporter: good morning. tablets are easy to take wherever you go. typing on a touch screen for long periods of time can be frustrating. if you have a tabl
called pete's harbor in redwood city home. in less than a month, all of the residents must leave to make way for planned parking lot and 400-unit luxury condo complex. the waterfront restaurant at pete's harbor is also closing its doors. >> it is sad to close this place. it's more than the restaurant. it's a landmark, an institution. it's a lot of memories, not just for my family and i, but for a lot of people in redwood city. >> today was the last day of business for the waterfront restaurant. the owner says, however, the eatery will live on in a new location in downtown redwood city. >>> well, college basketball is heating up. fred english joins us next with sports. >> first, east bay police and firefighters getting in the spirit of giving. what they did today to help needy children have a happy holiday. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked
>> "this bill will make it clearnever get their license back" in redwood city, haaziq madyun - kron4news >> also a new bill in russia - this one passed, and it's not good for americans looking to adopt. the russian adoption ban aimed at u-s parents - ahead tonight. >> catherine: but first tonight - new years right around the corner -- but do you know how you'll get around? a look at the special - and even free transportation, being offered the bay area. >> apple had samsung with a massive lawsuit. 2012 was a huge year taking a look at the big technology stores of 2012. stories of 2012. >> catherine: san francisco's muni railway is celebrating 100 years. as part of the centennial - service on all buses, light- rail lines and cable cars will be free untilfive a-m tomorrow. if you don't have any plans for new year's. >> they are offering extended until 3:00 a.m.. there will also be offering additional trains in and out of san francisco to accommodate new year's eve crowds. also, muni will be free. caltran will be offering free service with the extended hours and there will be for extra trai
on the median, was slammed by a black volkswagen, south of the edgewood road exit near redwood city. that's on north bound to 80. two women and a man in the lexus were killed. the fourth passenger survived. he was taken to a hospital. the 82 year-old driver of the volkswagen was treated with minor injuries. then, placed under arrest. if the california highway patrol says, it appears that he would speak at the time. >> tense moments friday at a busy south bay shopping mall. the great mall in milpitas was closed for most of the afternoon because of a bomb threat. no bond was some of the mall was evacuated. police say an employee at cole's reported threats was written on the wall of the men's bathroom. all sniffing dogs for also brought in as well as the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. stores reopened around eight last night. >> police are investigating a shooting at a busy san rafael transit center early friday afternoon. police were notified, a man had been shot a busy transit center. they say someone with a gun, got out of a gold sedan, and fired a man who was waiting at this pla
the victims in redwood city. they were hospitalized after a hazmat scare. firefighters with the sequoia trailer park -- went to the sequoia trailer park and say people there had set off a bug fogger but did not leave the home. they called 911 after starting to deal the effects of the insect tide. firefighters and -- insecticides. firefighters and three residents were taken to the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. >>> well, classes resume, schools are open again this morning in newton, except for sandy hook elementary. we have new details about the mother of the shooter in that rampage. people who knew nancy lanza say she was devoted to her children. one aunt said she would come to school and help her son who was a quiet child. many say that nancy would also help friends an traingers. in the meantime, we still know very little about why the young gunman killed children at that elementary school. the fbi said they couldn't get information from a computer at the gunman's home because he had destroyed it with either a hammer or a screwdriver before that massacre. while we're heari
in the road since 4:30 and the rain hasn't let up. we are on cast ovally and redwood. we haven't seen drivers having a problem. the weather has caused problems on the road throughout the bay area. on 880 southbound, the driver of this truck crashed and ended up on its side. the driver said that the strong wind and rain caused him to loose control of the truck. on 580 the driver of this vehicle fled the scene of the crash after the car hit a tree. it happened during the heavy rainfall early this morning though chp doesn't know if weather was the only factor. for other drivers out in the roads, trying to get to their destination the stormy weather created an inconvenient mess. >> especially if you are trying to travel during the holidays. it feels scary, dark, dangerous, wet, windy, that is aboutt. i hope it's over soon. >> reporter: unfortunately its not supposed to end soon. at least not before the weekend is over. you will hear from rosemary in a little bit and she will explain how long the weather will last. i have a feeling you should keep the umbrella and rain coat handy throughout the w
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